Wednesday Whine Session: Nail Hygiene in the Office


Clipping your nails in the office is NOT ok.

Everyone has their share of phobias, whether it is tight spaces, spiders, or heights.

One of mine just happens to be nail hygiene in the office. It’s a losing battle considering that there always seems to be that one employee who clips nails as if it’s their favorite past-time. Just the thought of nail clippings flying from cubicle to cubicle makes me nauseous.

The other day, I was writing an email and I heard the sound. That distinct clipping sound you do not expect, nor want to hear at the office. I took a closer look, and low and behold was a nasty coworker ducked down in his cubicle clipping his finger nails.

I don’t go to work to make enemies, so it only made sense to walk away. In the future I think I might leave an anonymous note (very easy, very passive-aggressive). Of course the fun and creative resolution would be to toss up a football and have Kimbo Slice crash through his cubicle wall with a neck-breaking tackle. Click here for the Youtube link.

This however will most likely get you the boot, and even a possibility of jail time. I digress.

How often does this happen in the workplace? There’s nothing in my employee handbook on the subject. A quick Google search found very little information on the subject, leaving me with only a few others ranting about their disgust of office nail clipping.

If you feel like you ARE this employee, do us all a favor and stop the clipping – the office will appreciate it more than you think.

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12 Responses to “Wednesday Whine Session: Nail Hygiene in the Office”
  1. Ashley says:

    clipping nails in the office is the most disgusting thing ever!! it makes me cringe when i hear it

  2. Katie says:

    I agree, and what about those people who just straight up toss the clippers and go all for it chewing at their nails in the office….YUCK

  3. Lola says:

    It is gross, but we have a small office. The offending nail clipper is a great employee otherwise so what do I say? Others have make joking comments that it’s not cool, but the hint wasn’t taken.

  4. Reply All says:

    It’s a tough one because the culprits have no clue that this is unwanted behavior. I think I might try and eliminate the root of the problem… by hiding their clippers.

  5. Our small tech start-up, Networked Insights in Madison WI, has at least three public nail clippers. We’ve even had someone clip their toenails at their desk! WTF?!?!

  6. Confounded says:

    Where the hell is HR in all this?

  7. See that’s the thing. Our HR guy is one of the offenders!

  8. EtiquettePlease says:

    At my office people clip their nails, AND walk around barefoot. I am waiting for the day they get some sort of lockjaw from stepping on nail clippings.

  9. Reply All says:

    Exposing your feet in the office is not OK.

  10. EtiquettePlease says:

    Indeed, Reply All! It is confounding that we even need to speak of this. Common sense is not common.

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