Video: ‘The Office’ Sings 9,986,000 Minutes to Michael Scott at Last Dundies



"That's like watching Die Hard 80,000 times."

Last night, Michael Scott hosted the last Dundies (the Dunder-Mifflin awards). As you might recall,  Michael Scott is leaving ‘The Office’ in only a few more episodes, to be replaced by DeAngelo Vickers (Will Ferrell).

The cast of ‘The Office’ used the end of the episode to give Michael a proper send off, and it’s a real tear-jerker. They put together a song entitled “9,986,000 Minutes” (the total time Michael had spent working for Dunder-Mifflin), and it’s actually really catchy. That’s probably because it’s a parody of ‘Seasons of Love’ from the Rent soundtrack (525,600 minutes).

Well done.

The lyrics:

9,986,000 Minutes
We actually sat down and did the math.
9,986,000 Minutes
That’s how many minutes that you worked here.

In costumes,
and impressions.
In meetings.
and cups of coffee.

For birthdays,
more meetings and
email forwards you made us read.

9,986,000 Minutes
That’s like watching ‘Die Hard’ 80,000 times.

You hit me with your car.
You helped me get off drugs.
I watch you when you sleep.
I forgive you kissing me.

Remember to call (3x)
Text or email.
Or call.

Measure, measure your life in love (Deangelo)

Remember to call (3x)

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4 Responses to “Video: ‘The Office’ Sings 9,986,000 Minutes to Michael Scott at Last Dundies”
  1. Adam says:

    Loved the episode, was surprised by the song. Perfect idea for the show!

  2. Jamie says:

    This episode made me almost cry. Espesially when Jim and Michael were saying goodbye to eachother. They showed such emotion! the entire episde made me want to cry even when the staff was singing this song and michael started crying. I absolutely love this show and am going to hate when it is gone.

  3. jt says:

    It was a touching moment but the math doesn’t compute. Michael worked for the office 15 years and even if he worked 60 hours a week with no vacations, that would be 2,800,000 minutes, nowhere near 9,986,000 minutes.
    But maybe that’s the absurd point since Michael was prone to exaggeration.

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