Two McDonalds Employees Punched By Nugget-less Woman


If you’re not a vegetarian, you know how special those golden arches are.

An oasis in the dark of night.

Time of day doesn’t matter. Driving in the middle of the night? That giant ‘M’ illuminating the night sky will bring a smile to your face. Couldn’t make some eggs and bacon before leaving the house? Scoop up an All-American sausage McMuffin. Feeling the belt getting tighter? Shed some pounds with a snack wrap!

There’s just something about that jolly clown and pesky Hamburgler that gets us all in a frenzy.

First, we saw a man go rouge over a Filet-O-Fish in New Jersey. This time, it’s McNuggets in Ohio:

I understand they’re all white meat now, but improving the quality of meat shouldn’t put employees at risk.

According to police, Melodi Dushane was salty because the McNuggets weren’t being served during breakfast hours on New Years Day. Yep, she was drunk. Yep, she was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Do they serve chicken nuggets in the Ohio penal system  cafeterias? I wouldn’t doubt it, actually. Something tells me they wouldn’t be all-white meat, though. Feel bad for the “cook” that day.

But how much does it suck to be the two Mickey D’s employees in the video. First, you draw the short straw and get stuck working New Years Eve-into-Day. Then you deal with a drunk loon-bin looking for something that you’d probably get in trouble for making. Finally, you get punched in the face.

The ultimate occupational hazard, if you will.

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