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The Collared Sheep is comprised of both entertaining and informative content for the office, written by a team of cubicle slaves who continually gruel through the 9 to 5 workday. We love to share our stories and always appreciate hearing yours.

All articles that are published will include a plug for the author (if requested). This includes a picture, link to your website, social media pages and short bio.

Writing Guidelines

These simple guidelines are to be followed when submitting material.

  • Content must be Office related. We are looking for commentary on the workplace, office product reviews, helpful work tips, etc. If it’s something that you think should be discussed in the office, send it over. Review our “Features” for ideas.
  • Keep it short. 400 words or less. If you want to pitch a topic that you feel needs a longer word count, feel free. We’re open to good ideas.
  • Stay original. All content must be new and original. Remember, we’re good at Googling.
  • Provide your sources. If you’re referencing any outside Web site or material, please include a link. Oh, and if you wish to use a specific photo, that you did not take, we’ll need permission from the photographer. Otherwise we can pick the art, we think we’re pretty good at that.

How to Submit via Web Form

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How to Submit via Email

We accept several formats when submitting your article. Please keep it to the following:

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Email your article to submissions@thecollaredsheep.com.

Additional Notes:


  • The Collared Sheep may edit your post, but we’re mainly just making sure it all makes sense. Any major changes or suggestions to content will be run by you before they’re made, and we generally will avoid anything like that. But we’re going to clean up your comma splices. You don’t have to thank us.
  • If you would like to add an image but do not necessarily have the Photoshop know-how, send us a note and we’ll try our best to help.
  • We’ll inform you if we’re posting your material. The Collared Sheep reserves the right to reject any submissions.