McDonald’s Gets Grilled for Posting Career Advice to their Employees

If you have ever worked in fast food back, then you know how difficult it can be to make ends meet on (in most cases) minimum wage). That’s where McDonald’s steps in. The company recently...

posted: 11/24/2013

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Infographic: Paychecks and Happiness – Who’s Staying Stress Free?

Earning a paycheck generally comes with a certain amount of associated stress. In fact, job pressure happens to be the #1 cause of stress, period. Many of us have come to terms with it, but...

posted: 11/21/2013

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Picture: Pissed Off the IT Guy at Work

Pissed off the IT guy in our office. He gave me a black "i". Get it? Get...

posted: 11/13/2013

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5 Easy Ways to De-Stress After Work

When the proverbial whistle blows at five (or six or seven!), many of us hop into the car or subway as if we’re still on the clock.  We may be punched out, but we carry...

posted: 11/06/2013

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Picture: Coffee Bong, Bro!

Who says the party stops once you enter the real world? Coffee bong,...

posted: 11/03/2013

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Infographic: Which Profession Drinks The Most Coffee?

Think you drink a ton of coffee? Take a gander at the top 15 heaviest coffee drinking professions, and let's see how you measure up to the real...

posted: 10/09/2013

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It's 4:30am and someone has her dancing shoes on.

Woman Quits Job With Dancing Video, Will Get Better Job

We’ve seen some awesome ways of quitting a job, and we’d like to add this one to the list. Over the weekend Marina Shifrin posted a video she used to quit her job, which was making videos....

posted: 09/30/2013

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Picture: You Can’t Enter My Office

Reasons why this is awesome: Sharks. Pile Drivers. Mustaches. Shoes with no socks. and the fact that it is a mandatory requirement to analyze in order to enter this person’s...

posted: 09/23/2013

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Six Tips for Creating a Breakout Area Your Workers Will Love

Breakout areas are becoming an ever increasingly important part of a modern office...

posted: 09/19/2013

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Picture: Dangerous Virus Going Around at Work

Just got my flu shot. Not sure if it's going to help in this...

posted: 09/16/2013

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14 Things You Should Never Do At Your Desk

What happens at my desk, stays at my desk. Unfortunately, many people work with a misguided perception that their personal office space offers some sort of sacred protection from the outside world. Thankfully, for most...

posted: 09/09/2013

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The Science Behind Office Chairs: Avoid Accidents and Boost Productivity

In all the minutes and days you spend at work, you probably don’t get to notice one of the most essential elements that can contribute to your productivity and creativity. Office chairs seem like too...

posted: 09/03/2013

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Infographic: Degress of the 21st Century

Times are changing. If you want to stay in demand for this next century, check out the hot sectors below. Might be a good time to rethink your trade...

posted: 08/29/2013

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