Hello. This Sucks.


Every now and again I have to remind myself about how lucky I am to have a job with benefits. And by “every now and again,” I mean every day. Surely, that sounds selfish to say in this economic environment, but anyone that works in an office can attest that there is unidentifiable eeriness that kills a little part of your soul when you live the florescent light lifestyle.

Ms. Jones is out of the office today. Would you like to be sent to voicemail?

Before entering into work, I perform a necessary mental health check by saying to myself, “Today is going to be a great day,” followed by an elongated exhale (the kind that only worried mothers of five should make). The elevator doors open and awaiting me is the lonely outpost: The front desk. For eight hours a day, I am a receptionist. Manhandling the phone is my source of income.

Thinking optimistically, I graduated with a communication degree; I literally got a job mastering the communication process. Alexander Graham Bell would surely be proud! However, for someone that spent every potential opportunity in college building my resume, working as a receptionist is a daily exercise of swallowing pride.

Why not practice what I preach and get a better job?

I went out on a limb, a bit of a crazy one. I decided to put normal career ambitions aside and pursue my passion: Acting. Basically, this means that you take on a menial job with less responsibility so you can spend more time writing, auditioning, and taking classes. As a young woman in my early 20s I have fears that I’ll never have the “big break,” but I sleep at night because I’m following what most people don’t: My dream. It’s sad the majority of people I work with stumble around through their daily routine just absolutely miserable. They literally live for the one day a month where you get free cake at the shared birthday party.

And while my responsibilities over the past year have expanded from answering phones to taking out the trash to watering plants, I’ll take it for now. One tweet at a time.

The Office Receptionist

Written by The Office Receptionist

Receptionist Chronicles is written by New York City receptionist @newsfromthecube. In addition to this column, she tweets each day of her daily grind. Follow her here.

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