Office Product Review: Westcott Straight Scissors, Kids Scissors, and Scissor Mouse


westcott scissorsThe Collared Sheep love office supplies, in ways you wouldn’t imagine (perhaps because we’re stuck in cubes all day). That’s why we’ve decided to start reviewing some office necessities – to keep you informed about the latest and greatest in workplace accessories, gadgets, and decor.

This week we take a look at the Westcott Titanium Bonded8″ Non-Stick Straight Scissors, the Westcott Kids Scissors with Microban Protection, and the Westcott Scissor Mouse.

Product Description:

The bonded straight scissors are a high quality solution to your everyday cutting needs. The titanium blade is roughly 8″ in length, and the handle is a soft grey and yellow rubber.

The kids’ scissors are lightweight, colorful, and surprisingly decent at cutting (for a child’s scissor).

The scissor mouse is shaped like a computer mouse, with a blade embedded in the bottom. You just run it over paper for cutting bliss.


  • Straight Scissors:
    • The grip is soft to the touch and comfortable for long term use.
    • Cutting through sticky items like tape or glue are no problem because it has superior adhesive resistance.
  • Kids Scissors:
    • Cuts better than average for a safety scissor.
    • Rounded tip as opposed to pointed tip
    • Protective Microban layer prevents bateria from adhering and degrading the product
  • Scissor Mouse:
    • Very comfortable in use, and easy to guide.
    • Especially excellent with wrapping paper.


  • Straight Scissors:
    • Honestly, none.
  • Kids Scissors:
    • Personally not a big fan of the pink color.
  • Scissor Mouse:
    • If you aren’t careful, sometimes the paper gets bunched up under the blade and you have to get in there and pull it out before you can cut again.

Compared to the Competition:

The straight scissors are on the higher end of the quality scale, compared with similar scissors. They just feel well made.

The kid’s scissors are nearly identical to most other kid’s scissors I’ve tested, however the anti-bacterial coating sounds interesting. It’s hard to say whether its actually protecting me from much.

The scissor mouse is the most comfortable mouse-scissor I’ve ever used. It gets the job done.

Where to Buy Them:

You can pick up your own from Shoplet’s online store.

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