Office Product Review: C-Line Expanding File and Presentation Book


The Collared Sheep love office supplies, in ways you wouldn’t imagine (perhaps because we’re stuck in cubes all day). That’s why we’ve decided to start reviewing some office necessities – to keep you informed about the latest and greatest in workplace accessories, gadgets, and decor.

This week we take a look at the C-Line Expanding File with Handles, as well as the C-Line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book.

Product Description:

c-line-presentation-bookThe C-Line Expanding File is a light yet sturdy file folder. What makes this item unique is that it comes equipped with handles, to give it a briefcase appearance and extra mobility.

The C-Line Presentation Book is designed to professionally display work reports and other projects. It has about 12 sleeves for page inserts.


  • The black color makes gives both a neutral professional appearance, and you should feel comfortable incorporating either for all work purposes.
  • The handles on the expanding file allow for easy portability.
  • The book does not have the ring spines found on other binders – lays much flatter!
  • Both are relatively inexpensive and a good bang for your buck.


  • The presentation book could use a label sleeve of some kind for the exterior – to put a corporate logo or label.
  • The presentation book could also benefit from a few additional sleeves.
  • The expanding file uses a velcro strap to keep it closed – some like myself prefer buttons or other fastening options because the velcro sound can be irritating.

Compared to the Competition:

Both of these products are very similar to competitor products. We would say the biggest difference you’ll find is that these are styling most professionally – and should be able to suit any of your workplace needs. Others offer file folders and presentation books in other bright and loud colors that might be seen as less professional in some circles.

Where to Buy Them:

You can pick up your own from Shoplet’s online store.

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