Office Commercial: Samsung Galaxy Tab Corporate Retreat


If I catch you on this trust fall, can I trust you'll actually do some work?

The work retreat is a delicate area because of its many meanings.

Some companies don’t bother to have them. Some companies have them, and all of the employees actually hate them. Nothing says work retreat like speaker after speaker on the state of the company and how we could all be less pathetic employees.

Some companies have them, and all of the employees actually can’t wait for them. But this is rare. There aren’t that many totally kick ass companies anymore. But there are some. A friend of ours works for a really great (and profitable) company that you’d recognize, and they take their employees somewhere unthinkably awesome once a QUARTER (they actually went to Vegas). Don’t get too upset, we don’t experience anything like this, either.

Then there’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s rendition of a work retreat, as portrayed in this very good ad:

It reminded me of a mashup of two episodes from The Office (where Michael goes into the wild, ala ‘Survivorman‘ and the other being ‘Beach Day‘ – the one with the fire walk).

But, we liked it. We’d actually prefer this retreat over the ‘trust fall retreats’ we go to now.

What about you?

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Tab office retreat commercial?

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