North Dakota News Anchor Fired After First Newscast



“I should have prepared more.”

We all know the first day on a new job can be intimidating. And if that job includes getting on live television, we imagine the pressure must be intense.

Well, imagine might be the wrong word now that we have some documented proof of what kind of pressure you face. We’re talking about former Bismarck, North Dakota KFYR anchor A.J. Clemente.

A.J. stumbled out of the gate with a “f**k this s**t” bomb as the telecast was starting. It only got slightly better after that. And by slightly, we mean his next sequence of words did not include profanities (notice we didn’t use the word sentence).

Watch for yourself:

A.J. was fired after his debut. Hopefully he’s not locked into a crazy lease in Bismarck. At least he seems to be taking it in stride:


If we may offer one tidbit of advice: the next time you have a first day, ask your co-anchor what they plan to ask you out of the gate — and prepare an answer.

Good luck, A.J.

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