News From The Cube – February 5, 2013


#newsfromthecube highlights

In addition to the community we’ve built here on The Collared Sheep, there’s a fun group of folks on Twitter who make the work day easier by broadcasting live from their cubicles and offices.

We use the Twitter hashtag #newsfromthecube (or #nftc when we’re pushing 140 characters). And because we know you’re pulled into meetings or get stuck on conference calls all the time, you can’t always be up on your cubicle news.

So allow us to present some of our favorite #newsfromthecube tweets from the last week!


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Past installments of #newsfromthecube


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2 Responses to “News From The Cube – February 5, 2013”
  1. Sami says:

    collars are a favorite aesosccry of mine for fall! I’ve already studded a denim shirt (watch here) and now I am in the process of another awesome DIY project of a beaded/studded detachable collar!

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