Planning to Make Cuts to Workforce



Ahhhh! Real Jobless Monsters!

How’s this for irony? You are now unemployed, because your company, which specializes in finding employment for people, is letting you go because the job market is terrible.

Unfortunately, the truth is often stranger than fiction, as this is going on as we speak at leading job hunting site

According to Reuters:

Online recruitment firm Monster Worldwide Inc forecast a weak start to the year and said it will cut jobs, as it does not expect the global job market to improve drastically in the near term.

Shares of the company, which will reduce its global workforce by about 7 percent or 400 jobs, fell 15 percent on Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange.

Now, these unfortunate people are on the prowl for new jobs. Do they continue to use online sites that they thought the mastered, or go with the traditional boots on the ground approach?

Former Monster employees haven't done this in years.

So in summary, no one is safe. The economy always seems to be in the gutter which will continue to force cuts. This is a constant hazard that even recruitment firms aren’t immune to.


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