Manti Te’o and Fake Girlfriend Goes Viral – Memes Ensue


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, the football player Manti Te’o recently shocked the world when it was discovered that his “dead” girlfriend was in fact, a fraud. Manti himself says he was unaware.

So of course, the inter-webs blew this story out of the water with a collection of meme-related Manti Te’o jokes, with some of the best below.

manti te'o big screen manti te'o invisible gf manti te'o hesiman trophy manti te'o napolean dynamite Manti-Teo-Meme-II morpheus manti teo teoing1

First it was the fake girlfriend thing, then it was the internet running a humorous hail Mary of jokes. Not going to be your favorite Monday ever, Manti. Cheer up – next week it will be <insert D-list celebrity here>.

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