Infographic: 10 Hot Jobs for 2011


mobile app developer… done.

Interested in learning about the hottest jobs for 2011? Here’s a great infographic that provides some insight.

Not only does it list out the career, average salary, and estimate openings, it also identifies the key skills and training required.

Some of the salaries may be low, but if your struggling to find work, it’s a great start.


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6 Responses to “Infographic: 10 Hot Jobs for 2011”
  1. StuckInACubicle says:

    @CollaredSheep is that your shortened url, cottage?

  2. @StuckInACubicle lol – its actually the default shortening service from CoTweet

  3. Wow! $21K for a home health aid with a bachelor’s? Who can live off of that, especially with student loans? I realize that is only the starting salary and they probably pay more for college, but it is still a very low paying job.

  4. @fedupofficemanager Not to mention that it involves changing adult diapers and clipping gnarly toenails. It’s the kind of job I think about when I need to feel better about my own.

  5. McFly says:

    fedupofficemanager – I was thinking the exact same thing. Top job for 2011? I think not.

  6. @fedupofficemanager @ McFly That does, however, explain why there are “thousands of job openings”…

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