Five Clandestine Exercises You Can Do From Your Cubicle


No, "sculpting at work" is not OK to put on the resume.

No, “sculpting at work” is not OK to put on the resume.

Sitting at a desk all day can sap your energy in a way only a desk jockey can understand. Aside from leaving you feeling listless and drained, working long hours while sitting in the same position can also cause serious health problems such as obesity, back pain and heart disease as well as strained eyes, neck and wrists.

Studies have shown that getting at least one hour of exercise every day and taking regular breaks at work is important for anyone who spends long hours sitting in front of a computer or by the phone.

Unfortunately, however, finding the time to work out on a daily basis is often easier said than done, and by the time we make it home, most of us just want to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and our favorite TV show.

With this in mind, here are five excellent exercises that you can do right from your cubicle throughout
the day, without attracting too much unwanted attention from your boss or coworkers:

Muscle Stretches

Sitting still for too long can cause you to feel stiff and sore, and may even cause cramps in certain muscles in your legs, back and neck. To prevent this unpleasantness and enjoy your workday as much as possible, take the time to do the following series of stretches as often as every hour:

Neck Stretch
– Tilt your neck towards your left shoulder
– Hold for ten seconds
– Repeat the stretch on the right side as well as in front and behind
– Now roll your neck slowly in a full circle from right to left and left to right

Shoulder Stretch
– Roll your shoulders forward in a circular motion
– Roll your shoulders backwards in a circular motion
– Repeat motion ten times both forward and back

Wrist and Arm Stretch
– Stretch out your arm with your palm facing downwards
– Roll your wrist in a circular motion
– Repeat with other arm
– Clasp your fingers together and stretch your arms above your head
– Hold pose for five to ten seconds

Full Body Stretch
– Stand up straight with your arms at your sides
– Roll slowly downwards arching your back and try to get your nose as close to your knees as possible
– Roll slowly back up and repeat five times

Cubicle Calisthenics

Taking a regular break to stand up is important, but you can do even better than just standing with these cubicle calisthenics. You can do these while talking on the phone, reading a report or waiting for the copy machine:

– Life your left leg out to the side as far as possible while keeping it straight
– Hold for two counts and slowly lower
– Repeat with right leg
– Next, in a standing position, swing your left leg forward and backward for 30 seconds
– Repeat with right leg
– Now, still standing, lift the heel of your left leg up till it’s almost touching your buttocks
– Slowly lower and repeat ten times
– Repeat with right leg

Under Desk Leg Lifts

These are the ultimate clandestine exercises, because from your top half, all your colleagues will see is you peacefully working at your desk, when in fact, you are actually strengthening your abdominal and
leg muscles as you work.

– Sit up straight with your feel flat on the floor
– Tighten your abdominal muscles and extend both your legs outwards
– Hold this pose for ten seconds and then slowly lower your legs
– Repeat ten times
– Next, do the same with each leg individually, extending it to the height of your hip
– Repeat ten times with each leg

Butt Lifts

Sitting in your desk chair all day could result in flabby buttocks and cellulite, but thanks to these discreet exercises, you can get your work done and tone your gluteus muscles all at the same time:

– Lift one buttock off the chair while squeezing the other
– Hold for ten seconds
– Repeat on the other side
– Next, squeeze both buttocks tightly together
– Hold for at least ten seconds

Office Chair Squats

Chair squats may not be as discreet as some of these other exercises, but if you perform one or two every time you get up and sit down, you can work quite a few of them into your day without anyone noticing.

– Start standing straight in front of your chair
– Keep your back as straight as possible
– Lower yourself slowly to your chair as if you are about to sit down
– Hold this pose with your buttocks just above the chair for five to ten seconds
– Stand up slowly and repeat

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