Chili Pepper Leak At A FedEx Parcel Hub



Ever been hit by pepper spray?

You know how when you cut onions your eyes will burn and tear up? Pepper spray is sort of like that, only multiply the burning sensation by maybe 1000x.

Quite a few employees at the Memphis, Tennessee FedEx hub got to experience this first hand, and you know it absolutely, positively had to feel awful:

More than 100 FedEx employees at the company’s Memphis, Tenn., parcel hub were treated for exposure after a forklift punctured a barrel of concentrated chili peppers used to make pepper spray.

According to reports, 177 employees were evacuated and decontaminated through the assistance of the fire department, with only 2 sent to the hospital complaining of chest pains.

So you think your work day isn’t going so hot? Just be happy you don’t have to power-wash pepper spray out of your eyes. Happy Monday.

[NBC News]

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