Bus Driver Fired For Helping Police Officers


"Sorry officer, I'm going to have to leave you in this monsoon. Company policy."

The New York area is often associated with nastiness. Residents are often portrayed as rude, gruff people who are heartless to their neighbor.

But there are often good stories. People helping others when they can. Just like Long Island school bus driver George Daw, who saw three police officers trapped during a strong storm. Daw had one last passenger when he heard the cries from three stranded cops.

Daw knew it was against company policy to pick up unauthorized passengers, but said he couldn’t leave them there, so he had them climb aboard to safety. However, he didn’t exactly get Employee of the Month:

But instead of praise, he was handed a notice of termination, which said in part: “Employee endangered welfare of student he was transporting when he picked up three unauthorized passengers.”

Yikes. That’s one of the more shocking occupational hazards we’ve seen.

His termination notice also cited him for driving the bus through a large body of water. But, from the sound of the story, he would have been stuck had he not made a move.

The boss of the cops picked up condemned the firing.

So, kids, if there’s any lesson to take from this it’s that if you work for an uptight boss, never use your brain; always follow protocol.

And to the guy who fired Daw, it’s New Yorkers like you who give us a bad name.

[Source: CBS 2 News]

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2 Responses to “Bus Driver Fired For Helping Police Officers”
  1. ActuallyItsAmy says:

    That’s absolutely terrible. What if the guy handing out the pink slip was in those officer’s position, and the bus driver did as he was “supposed to” according to policy, and shouted out the window, “Sorry, can’t pick up any un-authorized passengers!” and drove away? Then surely he would be fired for NOT picking the jerk up.

  2. McFly says:

    slightly less proud to be a new yorker

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