Our Team

The content you read on The Collared Sheep does not magically make itself. It takes a lot of precious evenings from the three founders and countless hours from the others who contribute on a regular basis.

If you want to see your smiling mug on this page, we can make that happen. It’s easy to write for us — we actually encourage it.

Otherwise, thanks for reading. And to the sheep below, thanks for writing!

The Founders

An NYC resident, Mcfly has years of intern, entry level, and even mid-level corporate experience. When he’s not writing for The Collared Sheep, he’s either stuck in public transit, or fighting off his caffeine addiction.

Reply All
Reply All spends most of his time behind 5′ cubicle walls. When he’s not trapped in the fluorescent jungle, he’s writing about it. The Collared Sheep is his one hope to escape.


Von Kaiser
Von Kaiser actually reverse commutes to the suburbs. Wrap your head around that. One day he’ll quit his job and do something awesome like write a screenplay or book, or run this site full time. But we need you to advertise to make that happen. What are you waiting for?


The Functional Friday Experts

Bryan Moore Health
Dr. Bryan Moore is currently working as a resident in the Baltimore area. His focus is neurology. If you have questions about your health and how to be more health conscious in the workplace, e-mail us and we’ll pass them along to Bryan.

Jessica Delfino Fashion
Jessica Delfino is a writer and comedian in New York City. She’s been named one of the city’s most fashionable people by Time Out magazine and also has an album, “I Wanna Be Famous.” You can also read her blog here.


Ryan Baker Finance
Ryan is a Financial Advisor in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area for the firm Waddell & Reed. He has earned his Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation. His focus is to help any and all of those who truly are hard working, committed to savings & investing for the present and future, and are open minded to professional advice and guidance, regardless of income level.


The Resume Chick Career
Professional resume writer Karen Flowers lives by the rule that an effective resume is the key to a successful job search. Her company, TheResumeChick.com, provides an affordable way to get effective, custom resumes in a jiffy.


The Comedians

David Cope
David Cope is the brain child behind the hilarious Monday feature Office Haiku. He has performed all over the country and has been featured on Last Comic Standing. Visit David’s website to learn more.

Giulia Rozzi
Giulia Rozzi is a comedian/actress/writer based in NYC. She cohosts the monthly sex themed storytelling show Stripped Stories every month at the UCB theatre and is the creator of the web series themessage-board.com.


Laura Prangley
Laura Prangley is a stand-up comedian living in Brooklyn. She’s had her fair share of jobs, but nothing can top the summer working at Leisure World. Follow Laura on Twitter and check out her website to see where she’s performing.


Selena Coppock
Selena Coppock is a standup and sketch comedian, writer, and lover of 80s power ballads. She has been featured in the Boston Comedy Festival, was named the Best of the East in the Detroit Comedy Festival, and has been seen on FOX and ComedySmack.com.


The Bloggers

Adam Silverstein
Adam Silverstein is the founder and editor of ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive, a constantly updated site providing the latest on University of Florida athletics. He knows a lot about sports. A lot.

Secretary4Life is an administrative assistant by day, and bored, frustrated, aspiring writer also by day. By night she complains about going back to work in the morning.


The Office Receptionist
Receptionist Chronicles is written by New York City receptionist @officereception. In addition to this column, she tweets each day of her daily grind. Follow her here.


The Unpaid Intern
The Unpaid Intern is a recent college graduate. She is a video production intern and part-time waitress seeking higher education.

Lumbergh has been called the “Bill Simmons of Office Blogging”. When he’s not hounding employees for TPS reports, Lumbergh enjoys listening to Michael Bolton records while blogging for the Sheeple.