About Us

Who We Are
Our exact identities are of no importance. We are the commuters behind you on the subway reading the paper over your shoulder. We are the coworkers who drink the last bit of water from the water cooler. We are the Gmail jockeys, the Starbucks slaves, the MS Word warriors, and the spreadsheet soldiers.

We are The Collared Sheep. When we put it that way, it sounds pretty bad ass.

What We Do

The Collared Sheep is the voice of the cubicle community. We post articles related to the office, corporation, and cubicle lifestyle. Our content is both comic relief from the daily grind, as well as information to increase productivity and workplace knowledge. We encourage user content from our visitors which can be submitted to submissions@thecollaredsheep.com .

Why We Do It

The Collared Sheep’s purpose is to offer you with enough entertainment to get you through those long grueling days of phone calls and Microsoft Office.  We hope to provide you with a place to laugh, vent, and maybe even learn something.

The Collared Sheep