5 Male Dominated Fields That Women Are Finding Success In


Women have not had it easy throughout history when it comes to equality, but as the years have passed the playing field has started to even itself out both with regards to women’s rights and the career possibilities that are on offer.

Despite this there are still many industries and job positions that are highly dominated by males. Slowly though, these fields are seeing more women coming into them and not only showing that they can be just as good as men but in many cases be superior to men.

Take a look at five industries that are slowly seeing more women finding their way to success.

Stock Trading


Stocks and shares may not be as male dominated as the fields listed below but it is still considered to have a large majority of men. However, due to women generally having great natural instincts and the ability to make big decisions based on these instincts, there have been many examples of women going very far in the world of stock trading.



This field is the one that is the most male dominated of all yet in recent years women have started to forge good careers in construction. Whilst women may not have the physical strength of their male counterparts, they have other qualities that men are more lacking in. One example would be that of being able to multi-task far better. This allows women to be able to have their mind on a number of tasks at once, whilst men will in most cases have to concentrate on just one task at a time.

This makes women extremely valuable on a construction site as they can be far more efficient at getting things done effectively.

Car Sales

car-salesIn years gone by it would be difficult to ever remember seeing a car sales woman; however more and more women are going into the field and proving to be extremely successful. Women are far more approachable and will in most cases have a softer approach to selling cars rather than pushing customers to buy. This will appeal to customers as they want to carefully think through any sale without feeling strong armed into a decision.


mechanicThe field of mechanics is another one that has been majorly male dominated over the years. These days however it is not such a rare sight to see a female mechanic working on your car. Women can have a more logical way of thinking when it comes to problem solving which means they are actually very well suited to this sort of career choice.

Poker Players

pokerPoker has changed so much in the last twenty years since the internet made it possible for just about anyone to play. It has grown so much and along with that there has been a huge improvement in the numbers of women players. Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree and Annette Obrestad are the most notable of these as they have gone on to make millions from both live and online poker. Slowly but surely this male dominated field is seeing more women proving that they have what it takes to be just as successful and in some cases more successful than their male counterparts.


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