3 Geeky Offices You Can Only Dream Of


Are we about to be tortured, boss?

Are we about to be tortured, boss?

Some of us work in tight quarters with strict overseers. Some of us work from home. The rest of us work in spaces like you see on the right.

Our offices are of our own making: places to display our inner geek to the envy of those stuck in the office with us. They say, “If I must know you, you WILL know me.” They allow us to stake our claim to fame in cubicle land.

Here are three office layouts that will have you as envious as a mall kiosk beeper salesman the day the iPhone came out.


Toy Geek. If you could imagine a place to work, what would it be? Perhaps a place full of toys, munchies, and software books – lots and lots of software books, like we see above. Does anything really say “geek” quite like R2-D2 and a Python programming guide? How about twenty Python programming guides? Note the see-through bookshelf. Consider R2’s high point of visibility, grabbing office-wide attention like a geeky lighthouse. R2 draws all eyes to the adjacent crown jewel, Darth Tater. Brilliant positioning. This guy KNOWS what he has. The arrangement reeks of pride – and rightly so.


Screen Geek. Why have one computer when you can have…what’s that, five? Six? Add in the two iPhones you see front-and-center and you have a control panel worthy of any mad scientist. Now, take a look at the back of the office: do you see many Halloween decorations back there? No. They are concentrated in the immediate vicinity of Screen Geek’s desk, capturing the attention of the office squares, drawing them closer and closer until they are caught in the tractor beam of jealousy. Think about it: six computers in one office. All are working at the same time, and all are working together, in a single workstation. Yes, dream on, squares. Dream on.


Plant Geek.One should wonder what’s going on here. Is it Geek Wrap? The office resident King Geek keeping his geekdom fresh and insect-free over the weekend? Or is it Plant Mutiny? Perhaps the latter, a clever ruse. Notice the guy in the back. Now, if this were a simple case of office wrap, things would have been put back as they were. This is not, however, a case of office wrap. Plant Geek has struck. In a brilliant feat, he has distracted his coworkers long enough to acquire every plant in the entire building. This man does, in fact, NOT dream of the geek office; rather, he resorts to underhanded chicanery in creating his own geeky utopia. He is wily. Be jealous.

David Ching

Written by David Ching

David Ching works for EQA Office Furniture, an office furniture retailer in California selling desk chairs, office cubicles, desks and conference tables. Follow David on Google+.

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